HELP Technology

AutoBase Inc. offers to our customers various forms of technology so that our management team and client can pull necessary data and information in real time!

AutoBase Inc. offers Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and MDV in our vehicles. This provides our customers with accurate timing of our driver’s everyday activities. The state of the art computer network links all our vehicles with our Mobile Computer system with MDV.

EyeRide Video:
AutoBase Inc. also provides EyeRide mobile video monitoring technology. This technology enables AutoBase management and our customers the ability to remotely manage the safety patrol vehicles while they’re performing their duties on the road. Our vehicles are equipped with cameras to acquire images and modules that transmit and store digital images.

Highway reporting system by eWay Corp:
AutoBase Inc. utilizes the exciting new smartphone app developed by eWay Corp to monitor daily incidents and activities for our fleet of trucks. This modern iPhone and Android App uses an intuitive interface that allows drivers to input their shift activity information such as; Driver ID, location, nature of call, resolution, and images for immediate data capture to our servers. This powerful tool makes driver data instantly available to AutoBase management and our state Department of Transportation in clear, easily generated web based reports anytime, anywhere!