Mission Statement

The AutoBase, Inc. Management Team brings to our clients a dynamic, diverse group with decades of experience on both sides of the roadside assistance business. What unites our team is a passion for excellence, an in-depth understanding of risks that organizations face in our global environment, and a commitment to outstanding service. We are committed to providing well-equipped, highly trained personnel, as well as a responsive management team that any business can trust.

Since our inception, we have provided our clients with exceptional service at a cost-effective price. Our success lies in our employees who are carefully screened, highly trained and intensively supervised by the AutoBase, Inc. management team. Our adept leadership brings many years of professional experience to provide services that meet and exceed an organization’s needs.

AutoBase, Inc.’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are in place to better serve the needs of our clients. Our company leverages 21st Century technology to enhance performance, respond to unique issues and give you access to data immediately; GPS; live video communications, cell and mobile applications and much more mean you can access reports, review detailed information and track driver activity. As part of our Continuous Quality Improvement initiative, we explore the latest approaches to improving procedures, data collection and meeting client needs and then update and incorporate the best new processes to provide outstanding service.