Road Work Ahead

In answer to our questions –

This project started when we were asked for more information about AutoBase, its employees, their actual jobs -and the challenges they meet.

We hadn’t done a company-wide survey in a while so we developed a series of questions and asked our team members to give us their candid responses.

Through what they’ve said, we’ve all gotten a better understanding of how our team members see their work, how they are meeting expanding opportunities and what they see as important issues.

As you review this material, you will also see a side of AutoBase that, until now, has been impossible to capture in a general proposal or in a plain technical analysis.

Whether you are considering AutoBase for HELP contracts or fleet maintenance, or other services we offer, the people you meet on these pages are just like the people who will serve you. We invite your comments as well as requests for additional information.

Thank you,

Donna LaBella, President

BTW – ‘Road Work Ahead’ is intentionally presented as the three separate words. Much of our day-to-day work takes place on major thoroughfares. It’s where we have the most significant impact on each person we assist –and that’s hundreds of individuals each day. Just glance at the comments in Road Work Ahead to get the details.

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