Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander Rodriguez – HELP Area Manager

What are some of the new issues that have come up for AutoBase this year and how are you addressing them?

ANSWER: Sometimes, we are short-staffed as new drivers come on-board. It causes our current drivers, including me, to put in some extra hours on different routes. It’s a good learning experience but it can be taxing as well. Of course, no one can control when a driver gets ill. At times, it’s meant covering the morning commute period, then working on projects in the office and then covering that other route for the evening rush hour.

To spread the workload, we’ve been rotating drivers on routes where overtime is involved. Everyone gets a chance for extra earnings and we don’t wear out the team members –including me!

How has each individual’s background helped in this job?

ANSWER: Most individuals have prior tow trucking experience of at least 5-6 years, so it’s been easy to shift in different locations with their knowledge, they easily adjust.  Most drivers are locals so they didn’t have to learn the routes they were working on prior to come to AutoBase.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

ANSWER: I have a couple: When my wife went into labor last September, no driver hesitated to cover my shifts for the few days I needed to be away. They checked in on me, my wife and my son to make sure we were well and comfortable. Beyond that, I had to leave in the middle of my shift. The next driver came in to work within a half hour.

And that wasn’t the only time we all pulled together. I’d stopped to help a lady with a flat tire who was on the highway’s ‘shoulder’. And while I was in the process of changing the tire at roadside a stray truck came off the highway and rear-ended my HELP truck!  I was able to react quickly and efficiently and got the lady off the road without causing her harm. I was injured but with my years of experience the injury was minor compared to what could have happened. AutoBase drivers were called in immediately and covered my route as I was taken to receive medical attention.