Byron Requeno

From Byron Requeno

What are some of the new issues that have come up this spring and summer for AutoBase?

ANSWER: As a ‘beat’ supervisor I’ve been partnering with our local manager to assist with expanding Region 8 patrol services. It’s more responsibility and a chance to show that I am ready to put my experience to work.

I am also getting to do more multi-tasking since I work on the actual ‘builds’ and maintenance for our patrol service vehicles. It helps me see our operation on the road and in the shop.

How has your background helped in this job?

As a young man I loved working on automobiles – the ‘get your hands dirty’ stuff as well as the technical aspects. This love has helped me understand and troubleshoot vehicles on highways and it really makes a difference when I am working in the AutoBase Shop.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

ANSWER: On December 31, last year, one of the HELP patrol drivers came upon a motorist at a traffic light. The light cycled through green and red several times and the automobile’s driver didn’t move. No horn-honking, no flashing the headlights; instead our HELP driver put on his yellow caution light, got out of his service patrol truck and walked over to look inside the car. He saw that the driver was sleeping at the wheel.

During the couple of minutes that this took, a local police officer who was at the traffic intersection came to assist. The officer determined that the car’s driver was under the influence of alcohol. Our service patrol driver did a great job. He calmly waited for professional assistance to resolve the issue.