David Snee

DAVID SNEE – Regional Vice President

What are some of the new issues that have come up for AutoBase and how are you addressing them?

ANSWER: With our continued growth, staffing ranks right up there. We invest time to identify, recruit and train the right Emergency Patrol Operators –and we are doing this while continuing to provide the highest levels of safe and efficient service that our clients expect from us.

We’ve restructured much of our corporate recruiting and interviewing processes. For instance we’ve put a major focus on ‘character’ as well as capability. Our HELP truck operators have to have patience and a customer-centered approach. We can then focus on reinforcing on-road skills for the right people.

Another area that we address: Consistently Hitting the Targets –and Delivering Consistent Service all over: With the variety of states, unique terrains and differing mandates for emergency response, our AutoBase operators are hitting multiple targets on a daily basis. It requires maturity, knowledge and communication.

Our management really focuses on being in touch with our drivers so they know that with all the variables they address, they really are part of a team. It’s a cornerstone at AutoBase: each call for assistance is also an opportunity.

How has each individual’s background helped in this job?

ANSWER: Our senior management creates an environment where all of us feel comfortable sharing concerns and suggesting improvements. The diversity among our Emergency Patrol Operators and learning from each other also contributes to our ability to safely assist commuters from all backgrounds.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

ANSWER: Yes, I have many good stories and some not so. Our Emergency Patrol operators are directed to simple calls like a vehicle out of fuel. Sometimes it’s multiple vehicle collisions with entrapment and cars and tractor trailers. Our operators have to be mentally prepared to address and professionally handle both situations. My experience is that AutoBase Emergency Patrol professionals shine into the darkest events on our nation’s freeways.

When I review the weekly comment cards I read first-hand about people being saved from potential harm, from being scared, or simply being helped by a compassionate, capable AutoBase professional.

Is there something specific about the AutoBase approach to business that improves how the entire organization works?

I’ve been managing people in different organizations for a long time. It didn’t take long to understand that no two individuals are exactly the same and it’s refreshing in AutoBase that management actually appreciates the different attributes each person brings to the organization.

We employ people from all walks of life. Some were theater owners, some drove tow trucks; we’ve got firemen and even people whose former career was in fast food. What we focus on is people with the right character -that essential quality. Then we can teach them the rest of the job.

Please share with us an overview of how AutoBase’s drivers deliver service –and people’s reaction to getting help with ‘no strings’ attached:

First, we have the best jobs in the world. We get to impact people’s lives every day. And as you mentioned, the best part is we do it for free – without strings.

Our HELP truck drivers are a friendly face, a calming voice and sometimes even a shoulder to cry on when people are truly at a loss on major roadways. And, it’s not for the money. I believe the team genuinely loves to help people.

Each of us can tell stories about horrible crashes –but when you listen to our drivers, they would rather talk about the panicked lady who could not cross a bridge and they had to comfort her until a member of her family arrived to help her cross the span.

We are constantly called ‘Angels from Heaven’ – ‘Knights in shining armor’. It doesn’t get much better than that in terms of having fans, job satisfaction, and knowing you are doing some important work.

Every person that we help tells pretty much the same story –generally you’ll hear: ‘the man in the State Farm HELP truck saved my life and he would not take anything for his trouble.’ The truth is we do not look at it as trouble, but as another chance to make a real difference for someone in need.