Drew Scotti

Drew Scotti, AutoBase Executive VP

What are some of the new issues that came up this year for AutoBase? How are you addressing them?

Answer: The exciting part about issues is that they give us a chance to learn what works and what has to improve. The first half of this year was no exception. There were several equipment problems that we could not have been foreseen –so we had to put in the overtime to solve each one expeditiously. We reviewed our workforce training with input from our team. It led to improving the program overall, to everyone’s benefit.

In most situations, our inclusive approach helps us come up with good, workable solutions. Of course, we try to anticipate the challenges and make course corrections so we ensure ongoing operational improvement.

How has each individual’s background helped in this job?

Answer: Our managers come from all walks of life and each has specific skill sets. They are more than just in charge of drivers or in charge of tech guys. Some with mechanical skills are also former military; others have project management expertise from a wide variety of industries. We focus on making leadership real in how we work with everyone in the company, even those a thousand miles away, who are just calling in for answers to some technical questions.

Since our managers interact with our clients, our company staff and the driving public, they are our ‘face’. It holds true even when they are assisting with work under chasses to maintain the fleet.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

Answer: I have worked with these men for years now, and the best part is always how they respond to everything that comes our way. There are many stories, but one of best is from several years ago, the night before we initiated service in Pennsylvania. There was a heavy rain storm that night; the river, a block down from our shop, rose and poured into the streets -4 inches deep! It was at a level the area hadn’t seen in 100 years. The water was rising into the shop itself. Joe (LaBella), along with others on our team, ended up deep in the water, moving our trapped fleet out of the shop and to higher ground.

With everyone’s efforts, our first day on this new assignment in a new State, was a complete success. Everyone pulled together and we avoided what could have been a complete disaster.