Jon Wilkes

Jon Wilkes is our AutoBase Suburban Philadelphia PA Manager. In November, he will be transferring to the new Florida Panhandle area as our Project Manager:

Question 1. What are some of the new issues that have come up this year for AutoBase?

ANSWER: Developing more qualified on-road personnel as we take on new projects. We are always looking for good people to become part of AutoBase, especially since we continue growing. For me, this new project in Florida represents a real challenge and a great opportunity.

1a)  How are you addressing these issues?

ANSWER: We definitely have to put in some extra hours. However, by communicating with upper management and other AutoBase teams throughout the country, we’ve gotten some great help. We’ve developed a whole cross-training program for AutoBase personnel in other states. So now, many more of our teammates are ready to address the special issues in our location and they’ve been able to come in, ready to work with us when needed.

2) How has each individual’s background helped in this job?

ANSWER: It gives me important resources for right now and for tomorrow. With our team’s many areas of expertise, we can solve problems in the field fast! As the group leader, it really allows me to think ‘outside of the box’!

3) Can you share with us an example that represents the best of your team & your work?

ANSWER: One of our team members had a family medical emergency and had to go immediately. He wasn’t able to come back for second shift! Another member of our team had the day off for Fire School. He was cramming for his test that weekend so he could qualify as a firefighter. We called him to ask if he could fill in after class. He didn’t hesitate. He came in and covered the shift.

By the way, he took his test that weekend, passing the written but he failed the timed physical exam by 10 seconds! All he said was: “I’ll get it next time!”

Totally Selfless!

I am so proud of him!

“We’ve developed a whole cross-training program for AutoBase personnel in other states.”