Joseph LaBella Jr

Joseph LaBella Jr., Manager

What are some new issues that have come up for AutoBase? How are you addressing them?

ANSWER: We recently added managing safety service patrols for large events. This summer it’s included the Republican National Debate and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Working with my management team, we staffed coverage for these events, provided the training and carried through on all the details. We’ve gotten positive feedback from our sponsorship, the local police departments and Ohio DOT.

How has each individual’s background helped in this job?

ANSWER: Just looking at our management team in Ohio: it’s made up of a diverse group from many different backgrounds. Significantly, all managers including myself started from driver positions. We each worked our way up into managerial roles. So we each understand what’s needed to perform the “Hands On” tasks.  We also have a strong understanding of drivers’ concerns, whether it is the length of shifts, safety issues, uniforms and appearance or how to institute suggested equipment improvements.

At the corporate level, our leadership also has that “hands on” perspective. We count on the influence of their backgrounds to inform decisions. Some of their work history includes: tow truck operators/ auto damage insurance adjusting / military technicians/aerospace and machining/customer service –everything that can positively impact the organization.

In the Ohio Division, I work with my three other managers and our coordination has led to success and measurable results in job performance.  Each of us has driving experience in the Safety Service Patrol –and the range of work specialties has helped us with our common goal: success.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

ANSWER: I receive 50 good stories every week from our sponsorship comment cards. They are from appreciative motorists, writing about the jobs well done by our on-road personnel. So I couldn’t tell you just one good story. Our team effort produces over 5000 assists every month and what we do draws a very positive reflection on the HELP program overall.