Kamran Fateh

Kamran Fateh (Fleet Operations)

What are some of the new issues for AutoBase this year?

ANSWER: As AutoBase has been expanding into additional regions we’ve been increasing the number of patrol vehicles and adding qualified drivers. The Region 8 Supervisor and I have been given an important additional task: building our service patrol vehicles to meet requirements for each of the different states. By keeping this task in-house, AutoBase can be more competitive in bids and on-the-road. It also means that we can build in all the things we know our drivers need at their fingertips. I hope it continues to mean we get more HELP service patrol routes in more states.

How has your background helped in this job?

ANSWER: Prior to joining the service patrol program I worked in the customer service field. The skills I developed in that work have helped me on a daily basis as I deal with the public, the New York State Police, New York State D.O.T. and the Westchester County Police.

Do you have one good story that represents the best of your team and your work?

ANSWER: During a routine patrol in Region 8, one of our HELP drivers came upon a disabled vehicle. He stopped to assist. While speaking to the driver, the driver stated that he had a stolen the vehicle. Our HELP guy kept his ‘cool’ and was able to notify the proper authority while he was “checking under the hood”. He then continued to keep the driver distracted. Apparently, the guy never realized our HELP tech made that cellphone call.

Once the NY State Police arrived, the HELP driver was informed that the driver was wanted in Connecticut for stealing that very vehicle. Our HELP patrol driver, because of his training, was able to keep the situation under control and diffuse it.