Our Company

AutoBase Inc. is a certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE); providing Freeway and Roadside Safety Patrol Services since 2003 in support of the New York State Department of Transportation’s HELP (Highway Emergency Local Patrol) program, Maryland State Highway Administration’s CHART Program, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Expressway Service Patrol Program, and Ohio Department of Transportation’s Freeway Service Patrol Program. AutoBase Inc. was founded in 2000 by Donna LaBella, Joseph LaBella and Drew Scotti. Together they have a combination of over 35 years in the Transportation Services and Automotive Repair business.

AutoBase owns and operates custom-built patrol trucks. The fleet operates daily during peak commute times, significantly decreasing motorist delay and increasing motorist safety. Our patrols provide emergency motorist assistance, monitor highway conditions and manage traffic at incident scenes. This includes “relocating” disabled or damaged vehicles from the travel portion of the roadway to a safer location so that traffic flow is not impeded and providing emergency roadside service to disabled vehicles on high volume roadways. AutoBase patrol trucks ensure the smooth flow of traffic through the states busiest roadways, by the rapid removal of vehicles from the travel lanes that are disabled due to minor accidents or mechanical failure.

AutoBase Inc. is experienced in working alongside State Agencies and the private sector in the operation of Freeway Service Patrols. Our company has a successful history of implementing innovative public/private partnerships. These partnerships generate new, recurring revenue for the public sector in order to sustain and strengthen safety programs and policies objectives.

The Safety Patrol program is one of the nation’s largest and most successful roadway service patrol programs. This service is provided free to the traveling public, and is an integral and extremely successful part of the Department of Transportation’s freeway incident management effort. AutoBase Operators are embraced by Local Law Enforcement, Emergency Operators and State Police because of their ability to coordinate the transition from a Major Incident to “All Lanes Open” in a timely manner.