Safety Patrol Programs

AutoBase, Inc. is the industry expert in providing Freeway Service Patrol services.

Freeway Service Patrols provides the following FREE services to the traveling public.

  • Motor Vehicle accident resolution
  • Unattended vehicle resolution
  • Removal of disabled vehicle from roadway
  • Removal of debris from roadway
  • Quick temporary repair of disabled vehicles, including but not limited to:
  • Changing a Tire
  • Jump start a battery
  • Temporarily repair a radiator hose
  • Provide coolant for a radiator
  • Provide a maximum of two gallons of gasoline
  • Other minor repairs-subject to a 15 minute time frame
  • Provide motorists with directions or alternate routes
  • Provide a cell phone for the public to make a local call
  • Transportation of vehicle occupants
  • CPR/First Aid assistance
  • Assist emergency service personnel with incident management

The service clears disabled vehicles from the roadsides quickly and helps relieve congestion and restore mobility to the state’s busy highways during peak travel time. Additionally, Freeway Service Patrols are available to support the management and clearance of major incidents, such as roadway closures due to traffic accidents. This helps reduce secondary crashes. Our drivers are equipped and trained to handle a wide variety of emergency situations and all are C.P.R. certified.

AutoBase is an owner-operated company.