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Mission Statement

We are committed to our services by supplying hands-on management principles, selecting the most qualified individuals, providing them with professional training, and implementing the best equipment in the industry. Our close working relationships with our partners over the years indicates our commitment to the highest quality service expected by both our Clients and the motoring public.
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AutoBase Inc., a New York State Certified Woman-Owned Business (WBE), is a leader in the management, development and operation of regional and statewide transportation systems. Since 2000, we have been providing traffic incident management services throughout the nation. Traffic management and motorist assistance are key component of AutoBase's transportation business. Our extensive experience in this area has given us the insight and expertise to operate highly effective programs in some of the most heavily traveled areas of the nation.
Donna LaBella, owner of AutoBase Inc.

Donna LaBella


Donna LaBella is responsible for the profitability and growth of the Corporation. With more than twenty one (21) years’ experience in managing Traffic Incident Management programs, she leads projects, staff and business development efforts. She is responsible for all contractual, legal and invoicing aspects of AutoBase. Donna coordinates with clients to define work programs and budgets, provides leadership in project planning and strategy, including general oversight and planning, project management and ensuring quality of work. She understands client fiscal concerns and provides alternate solutions in accomplishing project goals.


Her expertise is in legal analysis, human resource management, vendor and contract management, program analysis and reporting, project management, organizational design and development, workplace safety and policy analysis. She leads cross-departmental executive teams to brainstorm areas of business process improvements, as well as to gain critical buy-ins for project initiatives.

Advanced Technology

AutoBase has been a pioneer in the evolution of traffic incident management, continually bringing innovative ideas and the latest in technological advancements to the program; many developed exclusively by AutoBase. Our core competencies of Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation in Traffic Incident Management protocols are recognized throughout the nation. Our approach is simple, to represent the interests of our Client while maintaining responder and motorist safety, quick clearance of incidents, along with detailed performance metrics. AutoBase draws upon its corporate-wide experience, in-sight on industry trends, and state of the art solution to deliver our clients a very dynamic approach to motorist assistance patrols. We understand what it takes to successfully management incidents to ultimately provide for safe, efficient travel along our Nation's roadways.

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Recent Awards

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