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A.  Data Dashboards

AutoBase currently partners with many different state DOT’s to share valuable data collected on traffic incident management and Safety Service Patrol operations. These dashboards include interactive charts and maps that help us better understand our performance and allow better informed decisions.

Dashboard image for traffic incidents
Event Dashboard sample image

B.  Live Video Integration

AutoBase has created propriety software (SSP Reporter and SSP Tracker) and applications which will extend the operational reach by integrating live-stream video from SSP vehicles directly to AutoBase, allowing management personnel to monitor situations from ground-level in real time.

Live video integration sample image

C.  Safety Service Patrol Reporter & Tracker

AutoBase has developed a proprietary software that assists in the management of Safety Service Patrol operations. Both the SSP Reporter and Tracker offer real solutions that allow AutoBase operators, managers, and partners to gain the necessary information to monitor operations safely and effectively. The SSP Reporter is a comprehensive Safety Service Patrol software.

Sample mobile safety service patrol login

D.  Advanced Warning and Alerts

AutoBase has established a Connected Citizen Partnership with Waze to distribute real-time alerts for our SSP operators when they arrive on scene. With a rise of connected vehicles and heavily use of navigation systems by the average motorist, AutoBase leveraged the ability to produce advanced notification to any motorist approaching our scenes. This technology is seamlessly integrated into our proprietary SSP Reporter and SSP Tracker, requiring no additional effort on our operators to distribute safe notifications to nearby motorists. These advanced alerts are imperative to keeping our operators safe and using a valuable technology to reduce motor vehicle incidents nationwide.

Sample real-time alert on mobile
Sample map showing alerts

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